Titanic Sinclair

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Titanic Sinclair
Director of the Poppy project
Date of Birth: February 12, 1987
Hometown: Saginaw, MI
Current resident of: Los Angeles, California
Other Names: Corey Mixter

Titanic Sinclair (Also known as Corey Mixter) is the director of the That Poppy project. In the past he has also released music including albums like Thick Jello and directed the original Poppy, Mars Argo.


Titanic Sinclair began with directing Mars Argo, but only really began his music creation when people began requesting the music found in the background of the GroceryBag.tv videos. That's when he and Mars produced several songs together, including ones such as Runaway Runaway and Wet Cigarette. However, Mars decided to stop making content with Titanic, and that's when they split up. Eventually, Titanic ran across Moriah Pereira and the two began trying out a new project; the That Poppy project. Once the project received moderate success, that's when Titanic and Poppy moved to Los Angeles, where he resides today.

Twitter Controversy[edit]

Picture of the shirt

Titanic Sinclair has been found to often be insulting people on his twitter account, @titanicsinclair, and if requested, he will even say "Fuck you". Titanic, seeing how much this had become part of his "brand", he is now even selling shirts based off the phrase "Titanic Sinclair was mean to me on twitter".

Computer Boy?[edit]

The old question that Charlotte once posed, "Who is Computer Boy?" Many suspect that Titanic is behind the infamous Computer Boy discord account, and when in character acts significantly nicer than he does on twitter. However, is is only speculation.