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Not a cult leader
Date of Birth: June 28th, 1994
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Current resident of: Los Angeles, California
Other Names: Moriah Pereira, That Poppy, thatPoppyTV


Picture of Moriah pre-Poppy.

Poppy (or That Poppy) is an American Singer/Song writer. The actress behind her, Moriah Pereira, was born June 28th, 1994 in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Since then, she has begun working with Titanic Sinclair, and together they produce the series in her current residence of Los Angeles, California.

That Poppy to Poppy[edit]

There has been a subtle change in Poppy content. Over the last year, the once mildly colorful pastel backgrounds have vanished, Poppy's hair has adjusted it's color, and the videos have become more and more repetitive and monotone. This is the shift to just Poppy. This change is even being shown from her artist results on Google Play Music, as her earlier EP Bubblebath is under "That Poppy" but the more recent Poppy.Computer songs are under just "Poppy". Not to mention, the actual channel's name change, the website url change, and the fact that people no longer include the "That" in newer YouTube videos.