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Dubai became an worldwide home hotspot, with great architectural developments and ambitious projects rising up seemingly overnight. Aided by the market still young and need exceeding supply, the time is ripe for foreigners to buy this vibrant, captivating city.

In March 2006 the Freehold Law had been passed away allowing foreigners either 99 year leasehold or freehold ownership of land in designated areas. Freehold or leasehold allows the foreign investor many benefits. Owners are able to sell or rent their property out in Dubai if they so want. Investment potential is high, by having a great demand for short-term rentals and yields around 10 percent. Dubai does not levy fees on earnings, including that obtained from renting home. In addition there is no Capital Gains Tax. With Dubai's population likely to double over the following five years resulting in the rental demand to improve, a house purchased for the purpose of leasing can be viewed as being a long haul income-generating asset. Owners are not necessary to are now living in the UAE and there are many local and international property administration companies, including Colliers International, Cluttons, Asteco, and JG Property Management, who can take care of the house when the owners are away. Properties may also be handed down as inheritance if particular procedures are followed.

Several of the most Dubai that is popular property (many of which offer gated, household friendly communities with use of private pools and other domestic amentities) are:
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Areas Where Non-Locals Can Purchase Freehold Property in Dubai

For legal reasons, non-locals are allowed to hold or buy property that is freehold in some plots or areas as specified by Regulation No.3 of 2006 of the Government of Dubai. Regulations claims that non-locals may possess property that is freehold Dubai not restricted by time, or might have the usufruct right or hire suitable for an interval perhaps not exceeding 99 years in 23 areas mentioned beneath the regulation. Non-locals may not hold freehold home in Nad Al Shiba region, Plot No. 224, but may hold leases up to 99 years.

The 23 areas where non-locals may buy freehold property in Dubai include Um Hurari II, Barsha Southern II, Barsha Sout III, Emirates Hills I, II & III, Jabal Ali, Al Jaddaf, World isles, Ras Al Khour, Al Rawiya, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Safouh I & II, Al Qouz III, Industrial Qouz II & III, Mardiff, Marsa Dubai, Jabal Ali Palm, Jumeira Palm, Nad Al Shiba, and Warsan we. The specific plot numbers in each area that provides freehold home in Dubai to buy by non-locals are mentioned in the Regulation.